Somekindwords is a blog for creative heads

I am 27 years old, work as an online marketing manager and I also like to write & photograph. My Bullet Journal and my flatlays reflect my creativity and my penchant for loving details, calendars, notebooks, washi tapes & creativity . Autumn with all its colors is my favorite time of year. Fairy lights and candles make me happy and the little things in life count most for me. I live and work in the south of Germany. In my free time I like to do something with friends, read good books and drink coffee or travel to different cities - sometimes for a short time. I am very down to earth, determined and love to organize my life. I am also a family man and currently live with my boyfriend in a small apartment. On my blog I want to share my passion for the Bullet Journal , my creativity and inspiration with you. Somekindwords is my personal diary, my collection of thoughts and a place for a lot of creativity.

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