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10 Weekly Spread Ideas for your Bullet Journal

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Today everything revolves around the perfect weekly overview. The "Weekly Spreads" are necessary components of every Bullet Journal and organize your week in a clear & structured way. I either prepare all my spreads for the next month or create the overview for the coming week on the weekend. How you do this is up to you. The important thing is that you draw a structured overview in your notebook to be able to enter all upcoming tasks and events. You can always use the same structure or, like me, change it from time to time depending on the week and month. In this blog post I have summarized my 10 best ideas as inspiration for your Bullet Journal.

Create the perfect weekly overview in the Bullet Journal

1. Overview in table form on one page, left or top with small monthly overview and handlettering - right or bottom without monthly overview and abbreviated weekdays

2. Weekdays in blocks stretched over two pages with additional reminder box "This week I am grateful for..." and many doodles

3. Table form on two pages with paper notes for notes or sayings, with a small monthly overview

4. Weekdays in boxes on a double page, decorated with Washi tape in the middle and Doodles

5. Overview of two pages with flags and notes, with a small monthly overview and headlines designed with handlettering

6. Overview with dotted boxes on one page and a small monthly overview

7. Elaborately designed overview with many doodles, paper notes and handlettering headlines, with small monthly overview

8. Dutch Door weekly overview on two double pages, with a small monthly overview and many doodles as well as an additional small overview on the left for events/birthdays --> In this tutorial you will learn how to easily create this spread yourself.

9. Simple weekly overview on a double page with paper notes, motivating quota and small monthly overview. Additionally a section for week-to-dos (do not have to be done on a specific day) and special handlettering.

10. Overview in modified tabular form on one page with small monthly overview and many doodles

Just try out which elements are necessary for you and what you absolutely need in your overviews. I integrated many things in my bujo in the beginning but didn't use them, later I just didn't use them in my spreads. Just design your Bullet Journal the way you need it and it suits you.

Happy Journaling! :)