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11 Habit Tracker layout ideas for your Bullet Journal

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Writing down habits - this definitely belongs in every monthly Bullet Journal Set Up. With the help of a Habit Tracker you can see each month if you are really implementing different habits. You will write down when you really did which habit and strengthen your discipline to do the things that are important to you on a regular basis.

A Habit Tracker also supports you when you want to learn something new or integrate a new ritual into your everyday life. For example, if you plan to do an hour of yoga every morning for the next month, simply include this habit in your tracker. You will record all the days you did yoga in the morning. At the same time, the principle works the other way around: You want to get rid of a bad habit? This tracker idea can help you do that every month. You simply write down on which days you don't drink enough and try to improve the next month by minimizing the days and remembering to drink.

Create simple and beautiful Habit Tracker spreads - 11 ideas for you!

The best layout inspirations to create a beautiful Habit Tracker can be found in the following sketches. The original ideas are of course not mine. These layouts have simply established themselves in the community and are used in various ways in the Bullet Journal. You simply replace the word "Habit" with the selected habit, such as sports, drinking water or reading. Of course you can write down as many Habits as you like on one page.

How does a Habit Tracker work and what is the point of writing down habits?

With a Habit Tracker you regularly note down your personal habits and get an overview of your behavior and discipline. You can also use it to record what is really important to you and at the same time motivate yourself to really put these things into practice every day. So this is where discipline is needed! A Habit Tracker makes sure that you are more disciplined in your everyday life. You want to read regularly, but you have the feeling that something always comes up? Why don't you pick up this habit in your tracker and see how many times you read in your book in a month. This way you can try to strengthen this habit and be more disciplined by taking more time to read. This not only makes you more satisfied, but also more productive!

What habits might be in your Habit Tracker?

Here are a few ideas that can be integrated into a Habit Tracker:

  • doing sports

  • One hour of Yoga in the morning

  • Do without sweets

  • Drink 2 liters of water

  • Read

  • Clean up your desk

  • Face and nail care

  • Listen to music or audio book

  • Freshly cooked

  • Eating fruit

  • Go swimming

  • Calling a friend

Do you want to use my free "Habit Tracker Template"? Then you can visit my download are - just download the PDF, print it out and fill it out (Attention A5 notebook format).

Happy Journaling! :)

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