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50 gift ideas for women and men, which are special but also personal

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I myself am always looking for great gifts that I can give to certain people and give them a special pleasure. Often I get spontaneous ideas, see something nice in the shop window or while passing by and think to myself, this would be the perfect gift for my girlfriend or a great gift idea for my sister. But when my birthday, wedding or Christmas is just around the corner, none of this comes to my mind and I am desperately looking for a suitable inspiration. Therefore I wrote down my best ideas for you and of course for myself. No matter if for the grandma or the grandpa, the mom or the dad, the brother or the uncle, the aunt or for the best friend - here is something for everyone!

Gift ideas for women

1. gift basket with care products (hand cream, face mask, body lotion, nail file, lip balm ...)

2. fine droplet (e.g. wine bottle) with a beautiful flower attached to it

3. voucher for a massage or manicure/pedicure

4. ticket for the thermal bath

5. tickets for the theater, musical or a concert

6. invitation for brunch or breakfast (maybe in a special restaurant with a great view)

7. excursion to the zoo, amusement park, aquarium or planetarium

8. common excursion to a lake with picnic

9. scented candles

10. high quality shower and bath products

11. voucher from the hairdresser

12. bracelet, ring, pendant with engraving (e.g. birthday or initials)

13. calendar with pictures (suitable for each month)

14. photo album/photobook with insiders of you

15. high quality cell phone cover

16. individually made gift from etsy e.g. personal picture with favorite saying in lettering, personal signs or boxes

17. favorite scent or perfume

18. books from your favorite author

19. waffle iron, donut maker, cakepop maker, muffin set, chocolate fondue

20. sushi set/box for at home or sushi cooking class

21. gifts for specific hobbies: pens and notebooks for creative minds, bookmarks for book ends, cookery or baking books for kitchen heroes, badminton set for recreational athletes, yoga mat for yoga enthusiasts

22. bouquet or Infinitiy roses

23. excursion to the cinema, drive-in cinema or open-air cinema

24. personalized keychain (buy 2 times and you both have the same one)

25. jewelry box or small jewelry box for travel

Gift ideas for men

26. gift for a certain hobby: new game or voucher for gaming fans, dumbbells or sports bands for sports enthusiasts, movie or cinema voucher for serial junkies

27. cooking course or grill course

28. wine, whisky or gin tasting

29. tickets for a sports event (can also be regional e.g. for soccer, handball, basketball or ice hockey)

30. invitation to the cinema with snacks

31. petrol voucher or voucher for the car wash

32. invitation to eat steak or burger

33. excursion to a ski hall or for indoor surfing

34. excursion to an adventure pool or sauna

35. concert tickets

36. perfume or after shave

37. merchandise articles from your favorite sports club (the big clubs have an online store)

38. grill accessories or cookbook

39. technical accessories such as AirPods or Alexa

40. photobook (black and white)

41. voucher for the hardware store

42. cap or capy

43. basket with sausage, cheese, smoked trout, beer, bacon

44. calendar with soccer or car pictures

45th year subscription to a specific magazine (depending on hobby and interest)

46. personalized sign e.g. for the workshop or the kitchen

47. key ring e.g. anchor or compass

48. bottle opener to hang up

49. high quality rim cleaner

50. organize a surprise party

Have fun giving away :)

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