• Julia

DIY: build your own memoboard

Do you also want to build your own memoboard? I really wanted to have a unique piece for our apartment, so I designed my own wooden board. I think classic pieces of wood make a room very special and just look very harmonious & friendly. The nice thing about memoboards is that you can use them for all kinds of things: as decoration, as a "pinboard" for the office, as a noteboard for your shopping lists or as a reminder board for great photos. I myself use mine to store my favorite postcards.

What you need:

  • Elastic-cord/rubber, black (3m, Ø 1,5 mm)

  • 1 hammer

  • Nails, black (13 mm, Ø 1,4 mm)

  • Wooden board (L 46 cm x B 25 cm)

What to do:

Step 1

If you want a colored board, you should of course paint the board first and let everything dry for at least a day. But I wanted to leave my memoboard in wood look without varnish/paint.

Step 2

Then you draw on the board the distance between the nails you want to apply. Note, however, that this will influence the pattern at the end! I have chosen 11 nails on the right and left. However, I did not place them at exactly the same height. I simply did not want both sides to be exactly symmetrical at the end.

Step 3

Now you can tighten the string. I fixed it with a knot in the upper left corner and set it as starting point. Of course you can also start somewhere else. Now you go with the cord once from top to bottom and thread it alternately into the nails left and right (as shown in the picture). Always leave one nail out. When you have reached the bottom, simply go back up with the cord and thread in some nails that are still free, but leave some out again. When you are at the top you go down for the last time and thread the last open nails. At the last one you fix the cord with a knot and cut off the protruding end.

Have fun doing this easy craft! :)

Foto 11.06.20, 16 59 48.png