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Easter DIY: Just blow out eggs & paint them with copper metallic colors and handlettering

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I have tried such a great Easter DIY for you and am super happy with the result. So I would say I am ready for Easter and my table is already decorated at home :) Do you feel like blowing out some eggs and painting them with metallic colors? Or to label them with some handlettering? Then this craft idea is great fun for all craft nerds as well as for children. And the best thing about it, the Easter eggs in the Scandinavian or Boho look totally stylish and modern, are an absolute eye-catcher and are suitable as a beautiful Easter decoration to hang up or lay down but also as a sweet Easter gift. After I explained everything about blowing out eggs, you will find 5 inspirations for eggs in different metallic colors (copper, silver, copper, bronze, antique gold) and decorated with illustrations.

Blowing out eggs made easy - with these tips the egg stays whole

What you need to blow out eggs:

  • White eggs

  • Vinegar

  • Pin

  • Thick needle

  • Straw

  • 2 bowls

First you wash the eggs. Then you take a cloth, dip it a little bit in vinegar and remove the stamp on the egg. Now you carefully pierce a small hole in your egg with the pin at the top and bottom. With the thick needle you can now carefully widen the hole a little. For blowing out the hole should not be too small. Then you take the first bowl, put the straw exactly on the top of the hole and blow into it. If the inside of the egg does not come out at the bottom at all, your hole is definitely too small and you should widen it again a bit with the thick needle. Blow into the straw until the whole inside comes out. In the next step you take another bowl and fill it up with some vinegar. To disinfect the egg inside (otherwise it will stink later!) you suck in a little vinegar, shake it and blow the vinegar out again. Repeat the whole process for all eggs you want to paint later. I used 6 eggs in total.

Brush, paint, pencils - 5 tips how to paint modern & beautiful easter eggs

Simply painting eggs with conventional paint or watercolors does not fit in the bag for me. I have found great metallic colors, which I can absolutely recommend to you (no cooperation, bought and tested by myself)! The colors cover so beautifully and without stains, reflect truly as if the copper was real and are also very cheap. I have already used the colors for my Bullet Journal and it works great (on paper). In the package are 6 different colors: 3 gold tones, bronze, copper and 2 silver tones.

What you need:

  • Eggs box

  • 6 Schaschlick sticks made of wood

  • Brush thin and thick

  • Colors

  • Black pen/fineliner/brush pen

First you take an egg box to put the eggs up to dry. Then I always put each egg CAUTIVELY on a wooden shash mud stick. I can easily put it into the egg box as soon as I have painted the egg and everything dries without stains. So take the egg on a skewer, choose the color you want and apply it (without water) evenly with a thick brush.

The illustrations, such as the heart or the Skandi look, I sketched out with a pencil and then simply painted over them with a thin brush. Of course you can also draw a bunny, a chick or other doodles/doodles. The lettering was also drawn with pencil and then overwritten with black pen (waterproof). As always, you have to make sure to paint the lines that run downwards a bit thicker!

My 5 favorite inspirations:

My 5 favorite inspirations:

  1. Leave eggs white and design them with beautiful, black lettering

  2. Leave eggs white and paint them with a small colored symbol

  3. Paint eggs completely and clean with a strong color & brush

  4. Design eggs with dots or stripes

  5. Decorate eggs with modern elements (Boho or Scandinavian patterns)

The finished eggs can then simply be left to dry overnight. Later you can put them everywhere, use them as decoration or hang them on a nice branch.

Did my tips help you? Could I inspire you a bit? Feel free to leave a comment :)

Have fun doing it! :)