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How-to: Easter Gift Tags with gouache

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Today I made myself a few gift tags for Easter. I painted a few cute Easter motifs with gouache and wrote a matching lettering with fineliners. I used my template, which you can find at the bottom of this blogpost for free download. If you also feel like painting some gift tags with gouache (goes just as well with watercolors) or making some gift tags together with your kids, check out my step-by-step tutorial. Happy Sunday and haven fun ✿

Check out my new YouTube video to go with this simple crafting:


  1. Print out my free template for creating these gift tags.

  2. Cut out the gift tags. A 90 gsm printer paper can also be used but is very thin. I recommend to glue the printed sheet on cardboard and then cut out the gift tags. OR as I did, cut out a gift tag from the template and use it as a stencil. Then cut out more gift tags from watercolor paper or other thicker paper.

  3. You'll need a few materials for this DIY: gouache colors (or watercolor), brush with thin tip, brush with wide tip, fineliner in black (I used pigma microns no. 005 and no. 1), a pencil for sketching, auquacolor pencils (but you can